This is my personal blog.

This is my plot on the social web. I’ve been writing a personal blog since 2007. There’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to what I write or how often. It’s mostly a tool to help me work out a variety of personal, and sometimes, professional issues. Blogging is a wonderful stress reducer. I recommend it for everyone.

If you’re on this URL, you should know me. If you’ve stumbled here surreptitiously, you may have to figure it out.

I LOVE COMMENTS.  So, feel free to tell me your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Moi

  1. As a technology advocate you surely see the potential for voter fraud. Hacking in is but one way to perpetrate fraud, the most obvious is registering those that have passed away and casting “their” vote. Lastly we get to the local bean-counters that count up the absentee ballots. A manual system that can easily be thwarted to introduce fraud. Then, if that is not enough, the Electoral System that was designed to level the playing field, is now wrought with influence and game-playing that has the founding fathers rolling-over in their graves.
    Let’s go to a fingerprint-based individual voting method and throw out the outdated Electoral system. Let’s truly let every vote count – as the unique individual that we all are, making up one unified democracy.


    • Hi Kevin. Thanks for the comment. I volunteered here locally in Florida on voter registration. I know that here in my county, the Supervisor of Elections is extremely diligent about each voter registration form, having had to comply with strict rules for my own efforts. That said, our county recently found evidence of stolen mail-in ballots. I can’t say with any certainty there is widespread fraud in our election system. Most sources I’ve seen have the rate of fraud measured in statistically insignificant numbers. However, I do like your idea of fingerprint-based individual voting, but maybe even better would be retina scans, as fingers are, you know, easily removable. < That is an attempt at humor, btw.

      Incidentally, how did you stumble upon my blog? No one reads this blog and I had a huge influx of readers the past couple days. Is the link to one of my posts referenced somewhere on a web site? I'm not seeing trackbacks, and I can't view the source of the views. Thanks much. – S


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