The Rule of Threes

I was telling a friend of mine recently that I divide my post-retirement life in threes these days. I try to live every day with some combination of all three of these. And I work hard at living one day at a time. Trying not to worry about the future or lose myself in the past.

Here are my three primary time-spent buckets:

  1. I want to create
  2. I want to be informed
  3. I want to be entertained


Whether it’s writing, taking or organizing photos, painting, drawing, or working on a project with one of my friends, I want to keep myself alive by creating something original. Creativity is my most satisfying activity. Even if I’m the only one who reads my stories or appreciates my art, it’s an incredibly healthy endeavor.

Being Informed

I want to be current on the news of the day. Every morning before I get out of bed, I read HCR’s overnight letter and any top news that I may have missed overnight or the previous day. Throughout the day, I will read articles, blog posts, and social media commentary. At night, I make sure to watch the news. My preference is the PBS NewsHour, but I’ll watch MSNBC too. At night, I fall asleep listening to a podcast, usually political analysis or foreign policy.

Being Entertained

I’ve appreciated the nearly unlimited time I have to watch streaming series and movies. I will occasionally go out to hear live music or to a show too. I absolutely love the time I have now to READ. Not just non-fiction too, but fiction! I even joined a book club at the library. After a career of always grinding out the hustle, it feels so good to relax with a good book or to watch a great, mindless series.

Of course, I waste time scrolling through social media and leaving comments for my friends. I also enjoy cooking and working on my weight loss plan. I do serve on a couple boards too, so there is a lot of activity to keep me busy.

Once COVID slides back to a manageable level of risk, I will probably want to travel to see my kids and grandkids too. But for now, I’m content. That’s about the best you can hope for in retirement.

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