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Are you the one? 


I’ve experimented with on-line dating.  It’s mostly humiliating or weird (sometimes both).  It occurred to me that via my various social networks, I’m connected to millions of people. Rather than try to push my lame profile and faux image out to strangers, I thought I’d try to take a more direct or “pull” approach.

If you’ve landed here, you probably know me.  Or at least are curious enough to read my personal blog.  If the following candidate profile fits you and you are available (emotionally and legally), please reach out.  I’m not shy and neither should you be.

You are a man.  (Sorry girlfriends.)  You’re not gay or conflicted about your sexual preference. You’re not an addict. You’re intelligent, funny, fairly self-confident, educated (either self-educated or formally) and you’ve achieved a level of success that satisfies you. You value individuals and relationships on a deeper plane.  Less of the “what can you do for me?” and more of the “I value who we are together.” 

You are savvy with technology.  (Probably a must).  You prefer macs and everything Apple. You are politically aware.  You have some strong opinions about politics and society, but respect others who do not agree with you and are equally as passionate.  You have faith in humanity and are not an atheist, maybe cautiously agnostic.  You love the Arts and Science, and your curiosity knows no bounds.  You are a music lover.  You love to travel and know at least one other language than English.  You’re generous in thought and deed, but have a healthy respect for financial conservatism. 

You love family and friends, and people who know you love to be around you.  You’re not judgmental and you can be trusted.  You like animals and are not uncomfortable outdoors. You hate liars. You’re not an elitist, yet take pride when you’re pegged a “Liberal Elite.”

Your life has not been perfect.  You’ve taken a long while to come to terms with experiences that led you to become the person you are.  You have sometimes made bad choices, but have no regrets.  You are generally optimistic and have no fears about the future.

You’re looking for a woman who doesn’t need you.  A woman who chooses to be with you because she “gets” you, and isn’t interested in changing anything about you. You’re looking for a woman who knows how to love.  

So, are you the one?  Send me a note on any social platform.  If you know someone (referrals count!) who fits this description, kindly pass it on.

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