Election Musings


The first presidential debate was held last night.  I didn’t dislike John McCain until last night.  I realize I’m not his base– far left from it, but I thought he was definitely the best of the worst we could end up with if a Republican won in November.   McCain’s antagonistic performance last night reminded me of what I dislike most about conservative Republicans– they’re mean.  Sounds juvenile, but it’s that angry edge they bring to rational debate and their callous aggression that turns me off.   Of course, I’m generalizing and stereotyping, but this has been my experience.McCain also seemed crotchety last night too.  I was suddenly aware of his age.   He was born in 1936;   that’s before World War II.  He graduated high school before I was even born— and I’m a grandmother!His age troubles me.  The Sarah Palin decision troubles me.  His complete ignorance on all things 21st century technical annoys me.We’ve been listening to Obama’s, “The Audacity of Hope” on CD in the car for the past few weeks.  The contrast between these two men is profound.   In my opinion, Obama is the best candidate I’ve ever had the privilege of supporting.  I’m pleased that my 18-year old daughter who is voting for the first time in this election has such a remarkable and inspiring individual to usher her into civic life.