Texas 40-year Non-Virgins

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Well, well, well.  Texas women are on fire this month.  As a native of the Northeast, I didn’t know there were more than a handful of progressive liberals in the state other than those who occasionally “like” my liberal posts on Facebook.


I had the good fortune to meet with a group of high-powered Texas women at a downtown restaurant the day these photos were taken.  One of the women has been active in national and local politics her whole life.  She worked on campaigns for Ann Richards in the 70s.  Something this tiny, beautiful woman said that night seared into my brain like a cow-branding.

“I was standing before the Capitol steps with all those women.  I looked up at the Capitol, then I looked around at my friends with me who are all my age… it was like an epiphany!  All I could think of is HERE WE ARE – FORTY YEARS LATER still talking about ABORTION!”

So wrong.