Davos, Loic, and Hey… are we changing the world, yet?

I’ve been extremely moved by the work Loic Le Meur has been doing with his Johnny on-the-spot reporting, beaming his smile and insights to us out here in Twitterland, Seesmicland, and on the Net in general. Just wanted to acknowledge how game-changing this effort is. It’s like I’ve written before– that great ditty from New Guinea: “the truth that everyone knows that no one talks about.” The real truth is instantaneous, realtime (yes, redundant) access to information and people, places, and things is changing our world in weird and wonderful ways.Thank you, Loic. You may have your sexist tendencies, but I am happy and eager to overlook that in the face of all you are achieving with your heroic efforts. Soldier on, mon ami. Peace out.