And One More Thing… on Leaning In

I recall sitting in a Boston grille a few years ago with two men I really admire.  Now, these two men have rocked my world and changed the face of what it means to work at a large enterprise.  They bring their passion, intelligence, and finely honed skills of persuasion to work, resulting in great gains for organizations they serve.  As we were eating dinner, I told them there was something I had to share with them.  It had nothing to do with our business relationship or their career success, although that conversation could have gone well into the evening.

I told them I admired them enormously because they’re both excellent fathers.  Via Facebook and other windows into their personal lives, I can see the love and caring that goes into raising their kids and honoring their marriages.

This is the model we all need to be working toward.  I, for one, feel we should stop letting the asshats win. We are all better than this, and we owe it to our kids to show them a better way.

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