Speaking of extreme makeovers…


So, I’ve decided to do something about “the Fat thing.” In my “8 things you don’t know about me” post, I mentioned someday I’d get around to making the vanity investment. That time is now. I’ve been incredibly inspired by a blogger, Jennette Fulda a.k.a. PastaQueen, who chronicled her spectacular weight loss journey online on a blog. She’s since written a book, which I’ve purchased and am enjoying thoroughly. Jennette lost over 200 pounds the old-fashioned way: eating well and exercising. I figure why try to improve on her success? I’m going to do exactly everything she did… short of moving to Indianapolis. It’s going to be a long haul, but ohwell. My life is fairly boring day-to-day anyway, so this will enable me to invest my energy in something which will yield a positive result in many ways.I also started a Social Network on Ning for anyone in Austin interested in trying (or currently on) the South Beach Diet. I’m hoping that my use of social tools will make the journey more enjoyable. I need to lose over 100 pounds (shock horror!), but I began the diet 10 days ago and have already lost 14 pounds, so I’m on my way.Take a look at this clip on NBC. I’m trying really hard not to worship her (but I am following her on Twitter)!

Jennette Fulda on NBC’s Today Show from PastaQueen on Vimeo.UPDATE: 7/7/09  It’s been nearly a year since I posted this. I had some good success with SBD. I lost about 25 pounds. Somewhere heading into the holidays, I gave up the fight.