Tout Va Bien!

I last posted on this personal blog at the beginning of 2022. It’s been almost a year, and boy-o-boy have I learned a lot this year. Interestingly, one of the most meaningful insights after a year of introspection is included in my previous post.

  • I want to be ENTERTAINED.

We are living in turbulent times. I remember my mother telling me how important “the movies” were to her generation while they were living through WWII. I feel it’s the same today. I’ve written so many times over the past few years to my Facebook friends, “Writers will save us all.

There’s nothing more powerful than a good story told really well. Over the course of my life, I can name films that had a profound effect on life choices I made. Films can educate us, enlighten us, delight us, shock us, and lift us up. I’m devoted to helping good films become the best version of their awesome selves they can be.

After my journey out here on the high plains, I am healthy, happy, and whole. I did the work to heal and soul search to determine what’s really important in my life. I arrived at a place where I want to return to work– renewed and refreshed.

I’m heading back to the two areas of “work” that I love: storytelling and technology. I’ve always stayed true to the belief that technology can improve our world for the better. Combining that belief with the intrinsic understanding of the power of film, and it appears the good ole’ Universe has gifted me the perfect opportunity. Merci beaucoup!

I start my new job on Monday.

Tout Va Bien!

I tore this bill off a wall in Paris. It’s a reminder to me that everything works out in the end.

Update: Well? That job was not for me. Whoopsy. The good news is I am here in Austin with all my worldly belongings, and I got a better job. I also learned a heckofalot about the film industry. So, no worries. All good. Better than good. Greatastic.

FIRST to blog about Sandy Kemsley for Ada Lovelace Day


(I hope first, anyway.) If you consider yourself a guru on enterprise software and you don’t know my friend, Sandy Kemsley, I’m not sure you should. It would be nearly impossible to be informed in this space without stumbling into her blog posts, tweets, webinars, or comments and other contributions around the social web.Confession: Sandy scares me a little. She’s wicked smart and is not only a role model for females in tech, she’s a role model for that other gender too. I first met Sandy in person in ’07 at mashup camp. She waltzed in surrounded by developers– major geek street cred. Unlike me, she actually understood what was going on at mashup camp. Since that time, Sandy has been drafted into the Enterprise Irregulars and joins our growing female all-star minority. Sandy can out-tech most of the Irregulars, yet she does it politely and with style.Sandy has one amazing skill that is admired in bloggers’ corners far and wide– she is a speed, live-blogger. While many of us are collecting our notes from a conference session, Sandy has already reported it, analyzed it, drew historical references to it, uploaded photos, and published it to her blog. HOW does she do that?In my dreams, I would be Sandy Kemsley. (Plus, I’d get to live in Toronto!) For Ada Lovelace day and every other day, I celebrate Sandy Kemsley. Mad props.