Do you have a card?


Over the past year, I’ve fumbled around looking for business cards whenever someone asks me. I personally don’t like business cards. And I’m always hesitant to order new ones with new cell numbers, email addresses, etc. changing all the time. What I typically end up doing is taking one of their cards and writing “ITSinsider, Google me” on the back. All my contact information is all over the web in various places. If you Google ITSinsider, you’ll get my blog in the #1 page rank, generally. This site, alone, has over a dozen ways you can contact me on various social networks (see “Find me” widget).

So, I have decided this is my new card. We can’t escape our online identities, as detailed at length by this somewhat uncomfortable confessional in today’s New York Times. You are what you blog, so live with it.

Of course, someday we may skip this step altogether (the card-exchanging, old-school ritual).

One thought on “Do you have a card?

  1. Susan, as you know, I am now a ‘believer!’ As I share with my HR colleagues . . . the new resume is the 140 character ‘google’ resume. Read what I think . . .check out my network and my references. . . hear about and see my work . . . the more authentic me.


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