Gtalk Identity Theft?

Eek.   Be careful with Gtalk or maybe Adium. I reached out to my friend in Australia, Stephen Collins (@trib), to ask him a question.  Although he appeared to me on my IM client, adium, as Stephen Collins, it soon became obvious I was not talking to Stephen.  Gtalk had somehow switched identities to another friend of mine, Jeanne Bissell-Privett in Ohio.  Could have been really embarrassing.   Sailors take warning!


One thought on “Gtalk Identity Theft?

  1. I installed gtalk and was considering using it vice skype but now I’m not so sure. Anyway, I do have a suggestion. When you set links in your posts do it so they open in a new window. Almost all your links on your blog take me away from your blog and that is not a good thing.


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