No Comment?


A few years ago, I was doing one-on-one tutorials for a series of consultants to introduce them to the blogosphere.  I told them blogging stands on a three-legged stool: posting, linking, and commenting.  In order to be successful, you need to do all three because a blog (personal or professional) is not your opportunity to push “send” on your opinions to the world, it’s a conversation.  The idea is to generate an intellectual, perhaps sometimes spirited, discussion on a topic that a number of folks can benefit from by adding their point-of-view.The A-list bloggers still have a lot of conversation going on at their blogs, but I’ve realized many of us not in the A-list league have simply moved blog conversations to other social settings: facebook, friendfeed, and twitter.  I’m wondering if that is a mistake.  By commenting on a blog, you leave a thoughtful response to the author’s post in a place where it logically belongs.  Fragmenting conversations off onto other platforms dilutes some of the value of the “conversation” effect.  I’m guilty of this as well, and thought I’d make a more concerted effort to comment on blog posts I value.  Unless you throw in with the “blogging is dead” crowd, I urge you to step up the commenting as well.Just sharing.

One thought on “No Comment?

  1. This is too weird, that I of all people should be the first to comment on a post on Comments. Much as I might want to, I rarely post comments, in large part because of my ancient and morbid fears of spam. Never mind that emails on most blogs (at least WP) are now private by default. Then again, it is sort of daunting to post a comment on such a post. What have I got to contribute to your well thought out ideas? Who am I that anyone would want to see my words? Hell, the first thing someone looks at on such a post would be the comments. I often have found the comments to be as helpful and entertaining as the post itself. I love it when people comment. No pressure.I want to be more a part of the conversation, especially with those whose work I admire. I want to support them and add to the richness of the discussion. I want to educate, to entertain, to claim my seat at the table. Heck, I want to be 2.0’ed.There. Ok. Glad that’s over. I have hereby fulfilled my one blog comment per year policy. Change is hard. I need a nap. See ya all next year.


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