I don’t get the privacy thing


I want this.  Wish I had known this was on sale.  I had to look for it. 

Why wouldn’t I want marketers who know me, really know me, to market better to me?   Isn’t that preferred than being bombarded with countless ads that way over or under reach me? On any given day, the 50% of the marketers’ ad budget that isn’t targeted to me piles up on my TV screen, on my Facebook page, in my ears from the radio, or on the road on a billboard.  

Will the perfect advertisement please court me?  I will tell you my age, my gender, my likes/my dislikes, my entertainment preferences, how much I make, where I live, what I like to do, who I want to marry, where my comfort level is on discretionary spend, what industry I work in, my net worth, my pets’ names, the ages and genders of my children — I will tell you anything you want to know to deliver ads that are perfectly targeted to me.  

I know my data is simply aggregated with a bunch of other people just like me, so what?   Why is this so frightening?

Who cares, really?  


I don’t want any of these.  Not even on an impulse buy.  


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