It’s just one of those innocuous, inspirational tags I use in the Council to keep the members energized.  But, there’s a lifetime of commitment packed into that tag. And it involves Steve Jobs.

Even though I knew this day would come, I’m having trouble collecting my thoughts and expressing my emotion.  

I fell in love with computer technology at a young age.  I always saw it as a means to change this broken world so many of us live in.  The truth is, there are many people who never lived in a broken world, and they have a hard time relating to this vision.  When I first started hearing about Steve Jobs, I was completely hooked.  When he asked John Sculley in 1983, “Do you want to keep selling colored sugar water to kids or do you want to change the world?,” I felt we were connected on some kind of supernatural plane.  That if enough of us in our generation could connect and apply our passion, good will, creativity, intelligence, and ingenuity to leverage the power of technology to fight the injustices that continually plague mankind, we could radically change our destiny for ourselves and future generations.

On this evening of his passing, I believe he achieved this lifelong ambition.  We are all connected to Steve Jobs in spirit and we will change the world. For the win. 

Thanks for having the guts to inspire us toward such a beautiful goal. 

Now, rest.  We will take it from here. 

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