The Big Screen for Amie


The Innocent Maleficent

Amie was volunteering this summer for the Obama for America campaign. She came home one day and said, “This guy at OFA asked me if I wanted to be in his film.”  Of course, my Mom alarm went off.  I raised an eyebrow and told her to be careful.  She ended up meeting with him and brought home the script.  Because I am a bit of a psycho protective Mom, I checked the guy out thoroughly on the web and made sure he was legit.  The script was a little risque, but I thought she could probably handle it, so I didn’t interfere and encouraged her to pursue it. 

She met a few times with him (Mason Kerwick, the Director), and agreed to do the project.  She had some artistic input into the character, and he seemed to be agreeable to her suggestions. 

They shot the film over a weekend in the summer.  She didn’t say much about it, but I could tell she enjoyed it and was proud of her work.  Amie was involved in theater and musical theater in high school, but she never had any kind of formal acting  experience.  I was really proud she did the film. The film is a “short.”  Only ten minutes long, and no dialogue.  The story line mostly revolves around Amie’s character.

For a long while, I was concerned the film would never be produced as Mason went off to college in the fall, and they had some technical issues with the editing.  

But, Amie sent me a note last week and said it was done.  She sent me the private link.  She told me Mason had submitted it to a few festivals, so we couldn’t share it with anyone (yet).

I was in the office when I watched it the first time.  I couldn’t believe how great she was in it!  And, the quality of the film and soundtrack was really impressive.  I’m so happy for all the cast that participated in this production.  Everyone was great.  Such promising young talent. 

As soon as I can share it, I will.  I hope Amie pursues more acting opportunities.  I think she is a natural, but of course, I’m (ya know) her Mom.  

Update: the video is now available.


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